The changes and life you seek are possible.

Through simple pragmatic tools and process of Access Consciousness™ I have transformed what I believed was unchangable. 
Now as a certified facilitator I get to share these effective tools and information with incredible people like you through classes and 1:1 sessions.
"Working with Melanie to expand my possibilities has been one of the most profound experiences in my life."


Many of you have been seeking for many years. If the tools you've been using were going to work wouldn't they have by now? Maybe it is time to try something different?

After 12 years of searching and trying everything under the sun this work was what I knew should be possible.

I offer unconventional treatments for true & lasting change:
-get out of mental, emotional and physical pain
-increase confidence, self trust, creativity and happiness
-hone in and trust your internal navigation and awareness
-decrease depression, anxiety, stress and symptoms of PTSD
-gain clarity, creative expression, peace & ease
-increase rate of healing post injury and/or surgical procedure 

What if change can be easier than you've imagined?

What if problems are possibilities waiting to be discovered?

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Wellness Coach


“This woman is amazing and so of course doing amazing things in the world – like oh… just helping people unlock stuck mind patterns and radically change the way they experience life! Want ease and joy?

Get in touch with Melanie!”

— San Franscisco, Ca

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