Why Access Bars?

it can help with

Depression & Anxiety

Studies show a significant decrease in depression and anxiety, reducing the severity of symptoms by 82.7% & 84.7%.


Reduce & release stress that makes you feel exhausted, tired, sick and compromises your immune system. Release mental, physical and emotional fatigue.

PTSD & Trauma

Release and unlock the symptoms of trauma held in the mind and body. Stop the loop of PTSD and address & change what underlies phobia's.

Women's Health

Don't let stress make you sick. As women, we tend to carry a higher burden of stress than we should. Often we aren't even aware of our stress levels. Listen to your body, so that you know when stress is affecting your health. An access bars session can significantly decrease stress.


Quickly realign the body to a new timezone, drop travel stress & tension.


Move brain activity to the frontal lobe or "new brain" where problem solving, creativity, integration occur and away from the old brain fight or flight responses that increase stress, tension and toxicity.



“This woman is amazing and so of course doing amazing things in the world – like oh… just helping people unlock stuck mind patterns and radically change the way they experience life! Want ease and joy?

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