Before, during & after your Bars session 

When trying something new a bit of information can help put the mind at ease, and that's what it's all about here at Heart's-Ease wellness. We look forward to increasing your peace of mind and body allowing you to live your full and expansive life with greater ease, grace, enjoyment and health mind & body. 


An Access Bars session is fully clothed; belts, shoes and long earrings can be removed for comfort. Watches are removed during a bars session. Wear comfortable clothing for laying on your back for about an hour. If you tend to get chilly wear layers so you are comfortable at all times. Business attire is fine for those lunchtime sessions or coming straight from the office.


The access bars treatment is done by gently touching 32 points on your head as well as light touch on the feet and hands at the start of a session. Please let your practitioner know if you require a pillow under your knees or different positioning. Unlike other types of body-work where discomfort is part of the process, a bars session doesn't need to be painful to be effective. Please communicate with your practitioner to create the most nurturing ease-filled time for you as possible.

There is nothing you need to think of or "do" for a bars session to work. Many clients sleep or find themselves in a meditative state during the session while others chat or just enjoy the space to receive without expectations, judgments, demands or requirements, something not many of us receive. Consider communicating what you need as part of your self-care and self-awareness practice.

If there is a particular phobia, trauma or upcoming event that is causing stress or anxiety this can be talked about during the session which can aid in easing or neutralizing the effects of the past, present or future event. 


After a bars session you may require more salt, sugar, or water than usual. As the bars dissipate the electrical charge of thought and feeling some notice they require additional salt after a session. In the same way there is hightened brain activity which uses glucose and some require more sugar than usual post session. Similar to a massage, the body may lightly detox and drinking water can help move any toxins from the body.

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