Welcome I'm Melanie Clampit owner, facilitator and practitioner. I share unusual tools, processes and methods that heal, empower and facilitate change, transformation and connection. 

As a seasoned practitioner and teacher for over seventeen years I provide safe and effective processes, tools and guidance mind, body and spirit.  Whether it's a coaching and clearing session, energetic body processes or tools to empower you with the Spirit world all sessions and workshops are free of fear and judgment.


I use all of these processes, tools and energetic practices in my own life and stay current with the leading processes in my field.


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Trainings and experience:

  • Access Consciousness  Certified Facilitator

  • Talk to the Entities Certified Facilitator

  • Access the Bars Facilitator 

  • Energetic Body Process Facilitator 

  • Access Consciousness Facelift Facilitator

  • Depth hypnosis in Spiritual Counseling & regression hypnotherapist

  • Theta practitioner

  • Usui Reiki master 

  • Massage Practitioner

  • Certificate in social and behavioral sciences also inform her work.

  • Ordained Minister Universal Life Church

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Medical Disclaimer:

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