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Beat Burnout & Enjoy the Holidays

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Even Hollywood acknowledges the insanity that occurs so often during the holiday season. We laugh at characters on screen because it’s accurate, at times over-dramatized but nonetheless, we can relate.

Are there ways to break out of the fervor and burnout during this holiday season?

Yes! And I will tell you how.

There is no right way to do the holidays no matter how the perfect Instagram stories and hallmark movies may appear.

Here are 3 Tips for enjoying your holiday season and avoiding burnout.

Tip 1. Let go of expectations

Let go of expectations, yours and everyone one else’s you’re aware of. Stop comparing your situation to that of a perfect family on lifetime, prime or Netflix. Expectations are a killer. Anything that doesn’t match your expectations will feel like big fat failures and distract you from the gems and gifts available in the unexpected.

Ask yourself:

“What expectations do I have of me that if I were to let them go would allow me to have a wonderful holiday season?”

“What expectations do I perceive from others around me that if I were to let them go would allow a wonderful holiday season for me and my family?”

There is no perfect, no norm you must follow that you don’t place on yourself, regardless of anyone else’s expectations and projections.

Tip 2. Stop believing the crazy train is yours

Emotions and feelings run high during the holidays. Loneliness, projections, expectations, regret, beginnings and endings, hopes and dreams, dissatisfaction, illness, loss and more.

What if you’re picking up on other peoples insanity and intensity? You're doing this all of the time but thoughts and feeling are even more intense during the holiday season.

Imagine, you walk into a room where someone has been fighting or having an upset and you can sense it. You know something is going on because you can feel it.

When you start to feel overwhelmed, anxious, frustrated or emotional ask:

* “Who does this belong to?™

If it lightens up or changes at all it is not yours!

Just say, “Return to sender with consciousness attached.”

Ask this question for everything, it begins to change the instant you acknowledge, this is not mine it’s just my awareness.

Yes, it can be that easy, pinky swear.

Tip 3. Schedule at least 30 minutes for you ( a day!)

It’s easy to board the crazy train and not get off until after New Years.

There is nothing wrong with that but if you’d like more ease and presence (not just presents) this year, make time for yourself. Try starting with 30 minutes a day just for you, just for fun.

Schedule it, set an alarm and honor your time. Make it a priority as valuable as picking up the kids or going to work. If you don’t schedule it is likely your day will fill up with obligations and other people’s needs and desires.

What do you enjoy? Make it easy for you. It can be as simple as 30 minutes in the morning before anyone is up. Do something that is nurturing and gives you that sense of presence and peace.

Begin now.

Let go of expectations, ask who does this belong to for the stress and crazy you’re aware of, open your calendar and schedule those 30 minutes a day for you.

Follow these three simple tips to enjoy the holiday season and enter the New Year free of burn out.


If you're looking for more ways to keep the merry in Christmas or happy in the holidays, consider having a stress release Access Bars session with me.

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*Who does this belong to?™ is a tool from the Access Consciousness work I facilitate. For more on this amazing set of tools and processes go HERE

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