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Radical Intuitive Coaching &
Energy Transformation

Radical Intuitive Coaching is thorough, deep, and affects the fundamentals of your life. 


These sessions are for you if you're seeking:

- change, shift and breakthrough

- confidence and taking empowered self response-ability for the creation of your life.

- to get unstuck 

- remove creative blocks

- to release old blocks & traumas held on all levels, including the body.


These sessions are also for those looking to:

- explore your vast capacities of awareness, oneness and consciousness 

- increase creativity

- explore your magical miraculous abilities as an infinite being with this glorious body. 

- fly through glass ceilings and out create yourself.

- have more ease as a healer, coach, practitioner 


What do we do?

-Get to the root/ larger energetic patterning that creates your current reality/life

-Shift these deeply held mostly unconscious energetic patterns

-Embody these new insights and energies becoming an energetic match to your visions and desires.


How do we do that? 

-Discovery: process of inquiry to discover the invisible energetic programming underlying emotions, mind, body, being

-Release & transformation: clearing tools and energy work that transforms the patterns discovered

-Embodiment: energy work that will integrate new awarenesses and insights WITH the physical and energetic body and embodiment (that's every aspect of your life)


Sessions also include tools to beyond the old energetic patterns we uncover in your daily life and manifesting tools.


Sessions pull from over 21 years of study and practice.

-Depth hypnosis

-Access Bars

-Access Consciousness clearing and processing

-Energy work : Symphony of possibilities, Reiki, Healing touch

-Sound healing

-Transformational coaching


You will discover that there is nothing wrong with you. We ALL have unconscious energetic patterns and belief systems we don't realize are informing literally everything.


To me true empowerment includes the willingness to have radical self honesty and the vulnerability to pull the curtain back and see what's pulling the strings and make new choices.


You are a creator. 


You have created everything that has been and you will create your future.


The great news is...

 if you created it you can uncreate and change whatever it is.


The bad news is...

you may discover you're not as F*cked up as you're been believing you are. Sorry, you may have to finally see your beauty, brilliance and the gift you actually are. 

Melanie Clampit CF Coaching
One of the most profound experiences of my life…


“Working with Melanie to expand my possibilities has been one of the most profound experiences in my life. She hears and potently addresses the core of what’s in my way with such a gentle generosity of spirit, like a warm invitation to just let it all go. Her tender approach is, for me, leading by example to a way of being that allows change without turmoil.”

K.L, Ca

O.M.G. I just had a session with Melanie and she is absolutely phenomenal!

O.M.G. I just had a session with Melanie and she is absolutely phenomenal! I have been going in a certain direction with my business for about five months now and a whole bunch of stuff just shifted and for the last month I've been in a crazy transition and everything is turned on end -- which doesn't seem crazy at all now that I'm not judging everything I'm "supposed" to be doing.

I just knew that Melanie was who I wanted a session with and kudos to me for listening to that!

In just an hour she precision-facilitated me though my jumbled thoughts and emotions to . . .S P A C E. . .

Each step, breathing easier. . . feeling more clear. . . more real. . . more me. . . until I really had that sense of massive possibility at my fingertips (and infused through me and my business). And of course, like is so typical of session, what you think is the "problem" really usually isn't. We cleared stuff that I never thought was related and definitely didn't think we could even touch on during the session!

Melanie is an amazing facilitator and comes from a space of extreme non-judgment and heightened awareness that is at once awesome and incredibly soft.


I highly recommend Melanie to anyone looking for more awareness or change on any topic.


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