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Access Bars® Class

class duration: 1 day

prerequisites: none

The Access Bars are 32 points on your head that when gently touched can release lifetimes of old programming, beliefs and considerations with ease. The bars also teach you to recieve, something we do very little of. This receptive state is important if you would like all you're asking for to be able to show up in your life.

We have seen amazing changes in the areas of mental and emotional distress; decreasing anxiety, depression, and ptsd symptoms and adding greater clarity, ease, better sleep and less mind chatter. It's like defragging your computer hard drive so there is more space for creating the life, living, relationships and world you would truly like to have.

What if change can be easier than you've imagined?


What if you can lay on a massage table for 60-90 minutes and gently receive change, ease and freedom?

This simple yet effective process has changed my life and the lives of so many of my clients, friends and family. 

My target is for you to leave feeling confident in your ability to share an bars session and empowered with tools to have more ease in all areas of your life. After this one day class you will leave a practitioner.

In this class you receive:

-full manual

-quick reference head chart with points

-class instruction becoming a bars practitioner!

-certificate of completion

-gift and receive bars session 2x during class

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